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You are very welcome to link to us from your web site and/or forum. You don't have to ask permission prior to linking to us, and there are no restrictions on the type of site that may link to us. Please, though, follow these few simple guidelines:

  1. For Forums please use this URL in your posts:


  2. If you have your own web site you may use the following HTML code for your web page:

  3. You may also use the following HTML on your web site to describe Avatar Sizer:

  4. You must not embed our site in a frame on your web site.
  5. If you wish to link directly to the Installer file please contact us for:
    • Permission
    • and the URL.
    The reason for this is we do occasionally change the name of the Installer file and we need be able to let you know that it has changed.
  6. Editors may include Avatar Sizer on their cover mounted or "give away" CD or DVD. If you provide us with the relevant artwork we will brand our installer with your Magazine or Company details. The artwork must be in JPG format and either 164x313 pixels or 500x63 pixels in size. It should also contain the words "Avatar Sizer provided by <your name>" .
  7. If you are uncertain about adding a link to your forum or site please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've read all the stuff on this page and it's a bit complicated. I just want to put a link to your site in a post on the Forum I use. How do I do that?
Just put this address in your post: http://www.avatarsizer.com

In the HTML code on this page I've pressed the button but it hasn't copied the code to the clipboard.
The "Highlight the HTML" button only highlights the code, you still need to press CTRL+C to copy it to your clipboard.

Do you have any Banners I can use?
We hope to be able to post some banners on this page shortly.

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