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Although Avatar Sizer is free we do ask for a very small donation of $5.00 US Dollars in order that we can continue to develop and support it.

As a thank you for donating, everyone who donates will receive a whopping 50% discount off the full version of Avatar Sizer Pro when it is released.

You can make your very kind donation by Credit Card in most of the major currencies or by PayPal. Having made your donation you will be automatically taken to our download page.

Please click on the Donate button to make your donation and start the download. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my donation used for?
We want to continue to develop Avatar Sizer. Some of the developments planed are to add full support for animated GIFs, turn AVIs into animated GIFs and to make Avatar Sizer multi-language. This takes time and, unfortunately, the programmers tend to like to be paid.
We also need the tools to make Avatar Sizer multi-language and again these need to be purchased (and they are definitely not cheap).
So, by making a donation, you have the pleasure of knowing that you are helping to make Avatar Sizer a much better program. Thank you.

Why would I want Avatar Sizer Pro when it is released?
Avatar Sizer Pro will allow you to create Animated Avatars from both GIFs and AVI Movie files as well as ordinary images.
Oh yes! Take a movie clip and turn it into your Avatar. Now that is way cool!
Avatar Sizer Pro will not just alter the height and width. It will also size the File Size to your chosen value.
So, for example, if your Forum rules state 102x102 by 20KB Avatar Sizer Pro will size the image to fit in 102x102 and will size the File Size so that it is less than 20KB!!

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